CroissancePlus is the first French network of growth businesses pushing to revitalise the French economy through the spirit of entrepreneurship.


CroissancePlus gathers together entrepreneurs who campaign to give businesses the resources they need to develop and who believe that the benefits of growth should be shared among those who make it possible: the shareholders, the managers and the employees who contribute each day to the success of these businesses. 

CroissancePlus and its members believe in the virtues of risk-taking and fight against  overburdensome regulation because, while risk creates value, regulation confiscates it. Our entrepreneurs are united in a liberal and humanist vision of the market economy and strongly support a set of shared values.

Our vision

CroissancePlus believes that France needs to create an environment that is conducive to growth because this is the only lever our country has for creating wealth and employment. Simplifying, easing, liberalising, harmonising and stabilising are the top priorities that will establish trust.

In order to stimulate growth, CroissancePlus is convinced we need to not only liberate the economy and ease the constraints that discourage effort, but also ensure fairness between all the economic players. Liberating the economy means abandoning the economic brakes that, by trying to protect the majority at all costs, end up preventing new entrepreneurs from emerging.

In this time of digital disruption, which is changing our development strategies and our jobs, our approach to economic and social regulations must evolve rapidly.

The Internet offers every business, from the moment of its creation, a European  – even global – marketplace. Regulations must be adapted to facilitate the acceleration of businesses, not delay their blossoming.

Liberating the economy also means getting rid of inadequate or obsolete regulations that, under the guise of protection, actually exclude both young and older people from the system.

A system that excludes large sections of the population cannot be economically efficient. Our economic system can only create adherence and collective prosperity if it is accepted by all.  It must give everyone hope that they can share in the benefits of growth. Sharing the created value as compensation for everyone’s effort must be the cornerstone of positive growth, along with increased confidence in individual initiative and business responsibility. This is what CroissancePlus action is all about.

Our mission

A proactive force recognised by public authorities and opinion leaders, CroissancePlus has been working since 1997 to reform the economic, social and legal environment of business.

Our aim has been to revive growth – and hence employment – momentum that has been interrupted and hindered for too long by inefficient public policies out of touch with the structural developments our economy has been experiencing for many years.

Men and women working in diverse industries and markets, business leaders and creators, the entrepreneurs at CroissancePlus, share their experience and pragmatism in order to enlighten public decision-makers.

A place for lively discussion and meetings to develop entrepreneurial synergies or share experience and best practices.

CroissancePlus is an effective network of entrepreneurs whose vocation is to develop an entrepreneurial spirit and help establish growth companies as powerful spurs to economic regeneration and employment in France.

CroissancePlus supports its members, entrepreneurs, through the different stages of their development in France and internationally. Our organisation helps them to establish their projects on a secure footing and turn their effort into the future benchmark companies in their sectors.

Our values

Freedom that gives everyone the chance to conduct business, innovate, take the risks that will develop a business, and shape their own future.

A sense of responsibility where entrepreneurs undertake to accept responsibility for their choices, to respect the views of their partners and critics, and to fully assume their role in society.

Sharing value creation, because growth societies that want to be sustainable must capitalise on their talented people and enable them to share in the profits generated by the development of economic activity.

The spirit of creativity and innovation, which is at the heart of all entrepreneurial activity and guarantees our ability to adapt and always find new levers for growth.

People, because as Jean Bodin observed, “the strength of all shared wealth consists of men”  and businesses cannot not develop fully without the daily involvement and engagement of their employees.